About us

About Our Company

Bogahost, which laid its foundations in late 2016 and started its official operations in Turkey in 2017, has established its presence in the Turkish market since the fourth quarter of 2017 with a wide range of products such as Virtual Servers, Hosting, Domain Names, Server Hosting and Leasing, Security solutions.

Thanks to the services it provided in the last quarter of 2020 and the rise it achieved through branding, Bogahost has started providing international services in addition to Turkish, with the languages of German and English in the international web hosting sector.

Bogahost, while keeping its customer support and relationships at the highest levels, also adopts the principle of assisting its customers in almost every aspect and provides platforms that will facilitate their experience. By its establishment and structure, it promises to prioritize its customers and provide them with high-quality and seamless service.

If you want to receive a high-quality and high-performance service, Bogahost will provide a service as powerful and efficient as a bull, symbolizing its brand. You can experience it for yourself.

Our vision

The foundation of our company, which was laid in October 2017 with the service quality we provide and the appeal to every economic audience. Starting in the near future to serve the world, respectively, the Balkans, Asia and representing the Republic of Turkey on the European countries and we aim to be a company that has gained a share in a large market.

Our mission

Our steps in line with our goals;

  • Persons who are experts in their fields work,
  • Stabilizes price policy to appeal to customer sizes in all sizes,
  • Provides advanced automations for the user to perform instant processing services,
  • Does not lose the smiling face and never be condescending,
  • Provides the necessary equipment for trouble-free service, offers the option of redundant system,
  • Brings new products in line with needs and provides a good data center hosting service,
  • It adds value to its value with its customer chain (reference) in line with the service it gives to its customers.